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Sexual and Gender Minorities in Canadian Education and Society 1969-2013

In Canada today, much attention is focused on schools as primary sites in ongoing efforts to ensure that sexual and gender minority (LGBTQ) children and youth enjoy the rights and freedoms associated with full citizenship, as guaranteed by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. There is also an increased focus on the rights of LGBTQ teachers in schools as their workplaces. Importantly, schools compose a collective and vibrant frontier where there are increased efforts to address the inclusion of students across sexual and gender differences in curriculum, instruction, extracurricular activities, and school culture. These days when teachers need to be concerned about the comprehensive health and wellbeing of sexual and gender minority students, this resource provides knowledge and listings of resources and supports to assist them in their daily work.

Growing into Resilience

Growing into ResilienceGrowing into ResilienceDespite recent progress in civil rights for sexual and gender minorities (SGM), ensuring SGM youth experience fairness, justice, inclusion, safety, and security in their schools and communities remains an ongoing challenge. In Growing into Resilience, André P. Grace and Kristopher Wells – co-founders of Camp fYrefly, a summer leadership camp for SGM youth – investigate how teachers, healthcare workers, and other professionals can help SGM youth build the human and material assets that will empower them to be happy, healthy, and resilient.

Both a resource for those professionally engaged in work with sexual and gender minorities and a comprehensive text for use in courses on working with vulnerable youth populations, Growing into Resilience is a timely and transdisciplinary book.

CPHO State of Public Health in Canada 2012

read the reportThe 2012 report — Influencing Health: The Importance of Sex and Gender — is clear on a key point: With sex and gender traditionally expected to function within the parameters of heterosexuality and the male/female binary, SGM youth have problems adjusting to boundaries and expectations guiding behaviours and practices in key arenas including parenting, schooling, and healthcare.

Not adjusting can impact an individual’s...

Lifelong Learning as Critical Action

Buy from University of Regina PressIn this era of economic uncertainty, there has been renewed interest in the benefits of adult and higher education for economic and professional gain. Dr. André P. Grace questions this perspective and advocates for a holistic view that also incorporates the social, cultural, and personal benefits of learning as a lifelong pursuit.

A detailed and thoughtful critique of the effects of neoliberalism and globalization on adult and higher education, this book examines...

Gay-Straight Alliances in Alberta Schools. A Guide for Teachers

read the guideThis guide draws upon current legislation, law, educational policy and research to develop a critical framework for creating and sustaining gay–straight student alliances (GSAs) in Alberta schools.

Practical strategies, suggestions and a list of frequently asked questions are provided to help school administrators, counsellors, teachers and students anticipate and overcome potential barriers and challenges to this important social justice and...

CPHO State of Public Health in Canada 2011

read the reportThe 2011 report — Youth and Young Adults: Life in Transition draws a disturbing conclusion: While, in general, Canadian youth and young adults comprise a healthy and resilient population, SGM (sexual and gender minority) individuals are disproportionately represented among those young persons who are not thriving.

In sum, the report indicates that these youth are at inordinate risk of experiencing physical and electronic bullying, verbal and sexual harassment, and physical violence in key life spaces including...

Outspoken: Perspectives on Queer Identities

Buy from University of Regina Press"Out Spoken, offers a snap shot of what it is like to be LBGTQ in Canada through the concept of identity" (University of Regina Press, 2013).

Dr. André P. Grace, McCalla Research Professor and Director of the Institute for Sexual Minority Studies and Services, contributes to the "understanding of the negotiating self (selves)" with the article  "Camp fYrefly: Linking Research to Advocacy in Community Work with Sexual and Gender Minority Youth."

Supporting Transgender and Transsexual Students in K-12 Schools. A Guide for Educators

Buy from the Canadian Teachers' Federation"An educational guide designed for teachers, administrators, and counsellors who are seeking to increase their professional knowledge, understanding, and sensitivity around transgender and transsexual students whom research indicates...


PHAC Questions & Answers: Sexual Orientation in Schools 2010

Questions & Answers: Sexual Orientation in Schools (PHAC, 2010)"These Questions and Answers are designed to support the implementation of the Canadian Guidelines for Sexual Health Education. The Guidelines are based on evidence that broadly based sexual health education should reflect the diverse needs and realities of all people in ways that are age-appropriate, evidence-based, scientifically accurate, rights-based, culturally sensitive, respectful and inclusive of sexual orientation and gender diversity. It is the view of the Guidelines that...

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