UofAThe University of Alberta has a rich, vibrant, and storied history of nurturing and supporting sexual and gender minority and allied students, faculty, and staff, as well as members of the greater Edmonton community. In 1975, UofA students created GATE (Gay Alliance towards Equality). GATE was one of the first gay-affirming campus organizations in Canada. Its advocacy focused on addressing the needs of the sexual-minority campus community. GATE later developed into Edmonton’s first gay-and-lesbian community centre, which also ranks as one of the oldest gay-and-lesbian advocacy and support centers in Canada. Today, abetted by the university’s commitment to human rights and equity, several grassroots campus organizations exist, in the spirit of GATE, to address the unique health, safety, social, educational, and research needs of sexual-minority persons at the University of Alberta. In recent years, these grassroots organizations have existed: Agape, Inside/OUT, OUTreach, and SIDERITE.

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