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Family Resilience Project

Through a partnership with the University of Alberta’s Counselling and Clinical Services, the Family Resilience Project offers free short-term counselling to sexual and gender minority (LGBTQ) children, youth, and families.

Please call 780-492-5205 and ask for the “Family Resilience Project” to make an appointment.

The Family Resilience Project is supported by the Institute for Sexual Minority Studies, U of A Health and Wellness Services, City of Edmonton, United Way, and the Ministry of Human Services.

Program questions may be directed to families@ualberta.ca

Trans and Gender Questioning Youth Support Group

SupportEach month iSMSS hosts a facilitated trans and gender questioning peer-to-peer social/support group for youth between 16 and 25 as part of the Family Resilience Project.

You should also access and/or download our Trans*Pages: A Catalogue of Resources and Services for Trans* Spectrum and Gender Questioning Youth in CanadaThe resource also includes an emphasis on cities and provinces where iSMSS conducts youth intervention, outreach, social education, and comprehensive health education.

When My Child Comes Out

When My Child Comes Out"Your son or daughter has just come out as gay, lesbian or bisexual (GLB). The moment is now yours and it’s filled with silence as you search for meaning in his or her words. You know you heard correctly, but you can’t help asking…´What did you just say?´ A few other thoughts that may cross your mind..." (PFLAG, Canada, 2010, p. 1)

TIPS sheet Mental Health Working Group

Q&A for Parents and Family Members of Gay and Lesbian Youth

QA Parents and Family MembersAll children and teenagers need to feel good about themselves. All people are valuable and deserve to be treated with respect. But it can be difficult for gay and lesbian youth to feel good about themselves when many people around them treat them badly or believe that lesbians and gays have something “wrong” with them. Many gay and lesbian youth feel the need to hide who they really are because of fear their family will not be accepting. This booklet is dedicated to parents and family members who are dealing with their child’s coming out process, or preparing for the process" (Vancouver School Board, 2011, p. 5).

Q&A for Parents and Family Members of Gender Variant and Transgender Youth

Q&A for Parents and Family Members of Gender Variant and Transgender Youth"Like many human differences, gender is no black or white. A person´s gender identity refers to their internal feeling of being male, female, or a blend, which may not be the same as their birth gender or how they present to others. It does nor refer to their physical and emotional attractions to others, which is a person´s sexual orientation. While sexual orientation and gender identity are closely linked, this booklet is meant for families of students who are gender variant or transgender. If you feel that your child may be gay, lesbian or bisexual please use the booklet Q&A fo Parents and Families of Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Youth" (Vancouver School Board, 2011, p. 5).

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