Provincial GSA Coordinator

Lauren Alston is the Provincial GSA Coordinator for Alberta, a new position within the Institute for Sexual Minority Studies and Services (iSMSS) at the University of Alberta. This position is funded by the Ministry of Human Services and the Ministry of Education. Lauren's role is to help start, strengthen, and sustain gay-straight alliances or queer-straight alliances in Alberta’s K-12 schools and communities, with an emphasis on developing supports in rural communities. If Lauren is unable to locate resources close to your community, she will either visit your school or connect you with workshops that can travel to you! The ultimate goal of the GSA Coordinator is to foster student leadership within their schools and communities with the purpose of creating safer and more inclusive spaces for all students.

If you would like information, support, or resources regarding GSA/QSA's you can contact Lauren by email at or by phone at (780) 492-0766.

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