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Educational OutreachiSMSS offers customized sessions relating to sexual orientation and gender identity issues and topics for university undergraduate and graduate classes. We help students address issues related to homophobia and transphobia in the classroom, access resources and curriculum materials, and learn ways to approach sexual orientation and gender identity issues at all grade and topic levels.

Our Educational Outreach sessions are offered under four categories:

  • Capacity-building workshops and classroom presentations, which include the new fYrefly in Schools program.
  • Training and development of youth leaders at all Camp fYrefly locations.
  • Development of a campus-wide Safe Spaces Initiative and staff resource network.
  • Leading edge policy, staff training, and resource development.

Each education session we provide is individualized to address a) specific course objectives, b) unique requests from specific instructors/teachers, c) the knowledge base of the students, or d) the unique professional locations and needs of pre-professional and other students.

The following list represents key topic area that can be included in customized presentations:

  • Government, Alberta Teachers’ Association, and educational policy
  • Teachers’ rights and responsibilities in regards to sexual and gender minority inclusion
  • LGBTQ* terminology
  • Tips and strategies for being a support for sexual and gender minority youth (being an ally)
  • Family diversity and gender roles
  • Challenging myths and stereotypes
  • Practical classroom suggestions for sexual and gender minority inclusivity
  • Homophobic and transphobic bullying
  • Risk and resilience factors of sexual and gender minority youth
  • Classroom, community, and professional resources

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