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Camp fYreflyCamp fYrefly is the Institute’s award-winning summer leadership program, which is a university-community educational outreach project that focuses on the educational, health, safety, and socialization needs of sexual and gender minority youth. At Camp fYrefly, young people engage in over 25 arts-informed workshops, which strive to develop personal resiliency and leadership skills to support them in becoming agents for positive social change in their schools, families, and communities.

Over 1000 youth have attended Camp fYrefly since its inception and can attest to the transformative power of the Camp to not only change, but also save lives. It is our hope to continue to expand Camp fYrefly across Canada, to serve more outstanding youth, and build an empowering wave of support across the country. Currently, three annual summer camps are held at sites in Alberta and Saskatchewan. To learn more about Camp fYrefly, please visit our various sites:


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