Reducing Stigma, Promoting Resilience for LGBTQ Youth

Camp fYrefly Work2012-2017
CIHR operating grant: $1, 977, 930 or $399, 586 per year for 5 years – Dr. Andre P. Grace & Dr. Kristopher Wells are Co-Investigators with Dr. Elizabeth Saewyc, Principal Investigator, UBC School of Nursing

Project Title: Reducing Stigma, Promoting Resilience: Population Health Interventions for LGBTQ Youth

This international research endeavour includes research colleagues from Canada and the United States. It is timely interdisciplinary research. As Dr. Grace and Dr. Wells noted in the report entitled Sexual Minority and Gender Variant Youth and Linkages between their Mental Health and Sexual Health, which they completed for the Public Health Agency of Canada, SGM youth and young adults experience social stigma, prejudice, and discrimination in individual (such as rejection by family and friends, harassment, bullying, and physical violence) and institutional (such as inequitable laws and public policies that fail to include and protect) contexts. All too frequently, the resulting stressors and trauma negatively impact the comprehensive health of SGM youth and young adults who experience such comprehensive health problems as eating disorders, cutting, and suicide attempts and completions.

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