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CHEW ProjectThe Comprehensive Health Education Workers’ (CHEW) Project, which began in fall 2014, is a community-based initiative supported by the Alberta Community Council on HIV and enabled by Alberta Health and Wellness and the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) through the Alberta Community HIV Fund. Its core function within iSMSS’s intervention and outreach work is to develop and deliver research-informed, age-appropriate, and non-judgmental comprehensive health education for SGM youth, especially gay and other MSM (males who have sex with males) youth and trans-spectrum youth.

The project’s key goals are to (1) provide sexual, mental, physical, and social health education and (2) support and empower participating youth to be change agents in their own lives and the lives of their peers. For some time now, iSMSS has been offering supports to trans-spectrum youth through our Family Resilience Project. The CHEW Project complements this work to abet trans youth health and wellbeing. What is particularly new for iSMSS is the project’s focus on MSM youth who comprise a key needs group.

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